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For Gas Processing, Treating, Storage & Handling

TransTech Fabrication specializes in custom fabrication and packaging of engineered products for natural gas processing & treating and liquids storage & handling.  We deliver custom fabricated vessels and equipment for a wide range of midstream gas separation and processing applications and offer turnkey solutions for liquids storage facilities.

We specialize in large diameter and heavy wall pressure vessels and can deliver standard size NGL and LPG bullet tanks - both new and used - up to 120,000 gallons, to short lead times.

Capabilities include:
  • ASME S, U, U2, U3, PP and R certifications
  • Custom fabrication of oil & gas process vessels, production equipment
  • Turnkey logistics support from heavy hauling to vessel installation
  • Seasoned engineering design team

Our state-of-the-art ASME manufacturing plant is centrally located in McGregor, Texas. Situated on 100 acres, the 125,000 square foot fabrication facility and 33,000 square foot paint facility offer convenient access to major Texas highways and Interstate 35, BNSF and Union Pacific railroads and the ports of Houston and Corpus Christi. With decades of fabrication experience, we are one of the most capable ASME pressure vessel manufacturers in the oil and gas industry.




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With decades of fabrication experience, we are one of the most capable ASME pressure vessel manufacturers in the oil and gas industry.



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A Powerful Alliance

TransTech Fabrication is a subsidiary of TransTech Energy, a leading NGL & LPG storage infrastructure specialist. TransTech Energy designs, fabricates, installs and services specialized storage and handling systems for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and NGL (natural gas liquids).  In addition to its comprehensive services, the company maintains one of the largest inventories of in-stock ASME storage tanks and process vessels.

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