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FREE: Preliminary Vessel Material Analysis

MAWP Max Allowable Working Pressure vs Design Pressure for ASME Pressure Vessel Design

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Are You Overcompensating for MAWP?  That Could Cost You...

Without the right data to optimize your vessel design, it's easy to miscalculate design pressure by overcompensating for max. allowable working pressure (MAWP).  This can lead to incorrectly sized vessels and other issues—all of which can result in unnecessary costs, underperforming assets, and disappointing ROI.

Let our AMSE vessel design experts assist you with a complimentary preliminary material analysis!  We'll help you determine the right material grade & thickness for your pressure rating for optimal vessel performance, often leading to:

  • Reduced overall vessel cost
  • Reduced vessel weight
  • More economical constructability
  • Reduced logistics & handling costs
  • A design that's better optimized for your available footprint

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