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Free Water Knockout Drums / FKWO - Fabrication Services

TransTech Fabrication produces top-quality free water knockout (FWKO) vessels for economically removing water from produced fluid streams.  Primarily used when large volumes of water are present, our FWKO drums offer low velocity flow rate and an ample oil water interface area to achieve maximum free water separation.

While the degree of separation is dependent upon retention time, the density differential between fluids, presence (or absence) of slugging flow, the interfacial area available for separation as well as other factors, due to their general effectiveness at reducing water load, the use of an FWKO vessel can in some cases allow for a smaller treating vessel.

Free water knock out drums can be designed with either horizontal or vertical orientation, in various sizes and specifications including both low- and high-pressure options.

Our experienced team of engineering and fabrication professionals will deliver your free water knock out vessel to your exact specifications.  We bring in-depth knowledge of FWKO vessel operating principals and decades of oil and gas processing expertise to every project, ensuring safe, reliable operation of your vessel.

Delivery & Installation Options

TransTech Fabrication offers end-to-end delivery of your free water knock out druml including engineering design, fabrication and test, delivery and installation—within the shortest possible lead times—for seamless project execution and fast start-up.

Available Features & Benefits

  • All vessels are fabricated and NDE per the latest addition of ASME SEC. VIII, Div. 1 of Pressure Vessel Code
  • Horizontal and vertical vessel options
  • Inlet deflector
  • Calming baffle to reduce and eliminate turbulence
  • Oil/gas emulsion outlet
  • Water outlet
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Optional mist extractor
  • Access manway
  • Level gauge or float chamber
  • Optional back pressure valve
  • Flange and blind, hinge options, manual and hydraulic davit lift or spring assists can be added to any manway
  • Instrumentation & controls
  • Optional pneumatic controls
  • External paint and tank lining
  • Harsh environment housing
  • Optional pump
  • Optional sand jet cleaning system
  • Optional skid-mounting
  • Welded steel saddles

All finished free water knock out vessels are tested and ASME certified, National Board code stamped and registered.

Contact our pressure vessel experts today to discuss your free water knock out needs at: (254) 840-3355

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A Powerful Alliance

TransTech Fabrication is a subsidiary of TransTech Energy, a leading NGL & LPG storage infrastructure specialist. TransTech Energy designs, fabricates, installs and services specialized storage and handling systems for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and NGL (natural gas liquids).  In addition to its comprehensive services, the company maintains one of the largest inventories of in-stock ASME storage tanks and process vessels.

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