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Glycol (TEG) Dehydration Units - Fabrication Services

TransTech Energy’s triethylene glycol (TEG) dehydration units offer an effective, reliable solution for removing water vapor, BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene) and other VOCs from the natural gas stream to produce high quality gas that meets the specifications set by pipeline operators, producers, shippers, refineries, and chemical plant owner operators—while averting the need for additional midstream processing.

Self-Contained, Skid-Mounted Units

Our self-contained, skid-mounted units offer a broad array of standard, semi-custom, and custom configurations and accommodate multiple stages of removal, delivering the ultimate flexibility in configuring a solution that meets the specific challenges of your operations.  Our high quality internals ensure outstanding performance, efficient and economical operations—and peace of mind.

Backed by Five Decades of Experience

Backed by over five decades serving the oil and gas industries, TransTech has extensive experience designing and manufacturing specialty packaged equipment for a broad range of gas processing and treating applications.

With our own 160,000 square foot fabrication facility, we can also readily package hybrid solutions for addressing a wide range of gas sweetening needs. Examples include:

Our amine contactor can be packaged with our TEG dehydration unit for initial removal of H2S and CO2 from NGLs, followed by water vapor removal.

For simpler applications, combine our Glycol Dehydrator with 2-phase or 3-phase separator when free water and small amounts of condensate or oil are found in the gas stream.

Available Features & Benefits

  • Standard, semi-custom and custom units
  • Rapid turn-around for standard designs
  • Available for a wide range of flow, pressure, and temperature conditions
  • Solutions for both small and large-scale operations
  • Available hybrid packages address a broad array of gas sweetening
  • Continuous processing
  • Prevention of hydrate formation
  • Protection of downstream equipment
  • Elimination of pipeline corrosion
  • Automation available for all units
  • Lower capital expenditure when compared with solid bed solutions
  • Lower operating costs when compared with conventional desiccants

Capabilities include:

  • ASME S, U, U2, U3, PP and R certifications
  • Custom fabrication of oil & gas process vessels, production equipment
  • Turnkey logistics support from heavy hauling to vessel installation
  • Seasoned engineering design team

Call us today to speak with one of our glycol dehydrator experts(254) 840-3355.


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A Powerful Alliance

TransTech Fabrication is a subsidiary of TransTech Energy, a leading NGL & LPG storage infrastructure specialist. TransTech Energy designs, fabricates, installs and services specialized storage and handling systems for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and NGL (natural gas liquids).  In addition to its comprehensive services, the company maintains one of the largest inventories of in-stock ASME storage tanks and process vessels.

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