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Harp/Finger Type Slug Catchers - Fabrication Services

Backed by over five decades of experience serving energy markets, TransTech Fabrication is an industry leader in harp/finger type slug catcher design and fabrication.

Engineered to economically capture and store large liquid slugs from high volume applications, our top-quality designs deliver effective and predictable liquid separation for your gas pipeline operations.

Our in-house team of engineering and fabrication professionals have the expertise and resources to serve your most demanding operations and accommodate your most pressing project schedules.

Consider our standard designs for lowest cost, modular construction and fastest delivery. Or let us custom build your slug catcher to your exact specifications.

  • Designed & Built for Rapid Project Execution
    Our modular harp type slug catcher designs support ultimate constructability to streamline project schedules and reduce project costs.

    Fabricated in our state-of-the-art facility—operating within strict conformance of HSE guidelines—all our slug catchers are manufactured to the highest standards and certified in accordance with ASME B31.8 and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1.

    By utilizing our own 160,000 square foot fabrication facility, we’re able to pre-build, test and paint all slug catchers prior to shipment and our pre-fitted, shippable modules significantly reduce field work and ensure smooth on-site project execution.
  • On-site Storage for Project Staging
    With 100 acres available to store completed vessels, we can also offer the ultimate flexibility in delivery of your slug catcher—and all your other vessels.  Project delays?  No worries!  We can hold your vessels and equipment on site until you are ready to receive it.

  • Space Constraints?  We Can Help. 
    We know space limitations and terrain challenges can narrow your choice of slugging mitigation solutions. TransTech’s expert design and fabrication teams can customize your harp type slug catcher in an array of sizes and configurations to deliver maximum possible efficiency to suit your most challenging terrain characteristics and limited footprints.

    Or if a finger type slug catcher configuration is simply not suitable, we can assist you with our broad range of horizontal vessel slug catchers and hybrid slug catcher solutions. 

  • Ultimate Liquids Carryover Elimination
    Where applicable, the addition of our high-efficiency polishing vessel can be added to augment liquids carryover elimination and speed production cycles.  Available in both horizontal and highly compact, vertical orientation our polishing vessel achieves maximum returns within an exceptionally small footprint.

  • Scalability
    Our standard modular designs offer true, built-in scalability that can be expanded over time as needed with the simple addition of one or multiple add-on modules.

  • Trim Packages
    TransTech also offers standard instrumentation/safety valve packages for all types of slug catchers.  PSV sizing is ASME and API compliant.

Turnkey Capabilities and Other Services

In addition to our deep expertise in harp type slug catchers, TransTech can also provide Engineering and Fabrication services for horizontal vessel slug catchers as well as hybrid slug catchers, in addition to our array of other product offerings for oil and gas production, processing, and treating.

Call us today to speak with one of our slug catcher experts: (254) 840-3355

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A Powerful Alliance

TransTech Fabrication is a subsidiary of TransTech Energy, a leading NGL & LPG storage infrastructure specialist. TransTech Energy designs, fabricates, installs and services specialized storage and handling systems for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and NGL (natural gas liquids).  In addition to its comprehensive services, the company maintains one of the largest inventories of in-stock ASME storage tanks and process vessels.

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