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Harp/Finger Type Slug Catchers - Fabrication Services

Backed by over five decades of experience serving energy markets, TransTech Fabrication is an industry leader in harp/finger type slug catcher design and fabrication.

Engineered to economically capture and store large liquid slugs from high volume applications, our top-quality designs deliver effective and predictable liquid separation for your gas pipeline operations.

Utilizing both our EPC partners and our own in-house team of engineering and fabrication professionals, we have the expertise and resources to serve your most demanding operations and accommodate your most pressing project schedules.

Consider our standard designs for lowest cost, modular construction and fastest delivery.  Or let us custom build your slug catcher to your exact specifications. 

  • Constructability - Standard harp designs keep constructability as a central focus, achieving the lowest installed cost possible.  With deep construction experience in building harp slug catchers—we know that construction costs can often exceed the initial purchase price of other competitor’s “go build it yourself” designs.  By utilizing shop prefabrication to create shippable modular sections, excessive field welding and other areas of costly field construction are eliminated.

  • Cost and Lead Time - Standard harp designs utilize readily available pipe and fittings in a sophisticated design arrangement to keep the purchase price and lead time to a minimum. This is accomplished without use of extrusions or contoured outlet fittings, which are necessary for many of our competitors more complicated designs.

  • Footprint - Standard harp designs are compact and make efficient use of space.  Generally speaking, the longer the harp the better and our standard harp offering achieves the greatest economy per BBL at 300-400 ft in length.

  • Turn-Key Capability and Additional Services - In addition to deep expertise in harp slug catchers, we can also provide general Engineering, Design, Construction, or EPC services for slug catchers or other areas of oil and gas pipelines/facilities scope.

  • Capacity - Standard harp designs can be configured in a variety of ways using modular sections.  The standard harp design’s window of performance covers gas flows of 100 MMSCFD to 1 BSCFD and liquid storage from 500 BBL to 13,500 BBL. Larger designs can be custom engineered.

  • Expandability - Standard harp designs allow for future expansion that goes far beyond providing “tie in flanges” without any real plan for expansion.  Pre-engineered expansion provisions can be made specifically for adding additional gas flow sections, liquid holdup sections, or both.  The standard harp design can be expanded from the smallest size to the largest size by a gradual buildout of the same modular sections.

  • Performance - The separation performance of slug catchers is tested, proven and has received excellent client feedback regarding its ease of operation. By utilizing a proprietary analytical software model in conjunction with a rigorous CFD analysis validation, we can ensure each new design is operating at its optimal performance point.

Call us today to speak with one of our slug catcher experts: (254) 840-3355

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TransTech Fabrication is a subsidiary of TransTech Energy, a leading NGL & LPG storage infrastructure specialist. TransTech Energy designs, fabricates, installs and services specialized storage and handling systems for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and NGL (natural gas liquids).  In addition to its comprehensive services, the company maintains one of the largest inventories of in-stock ASME storage tanks and process vessels.

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